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Tested In Combat And The Courtroom

I am an experienced attorney and decorated U.S. Army combat veteran who will fight your legal battles for you.

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Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Services In The Augusta Area

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Defense from a lawyer with experience on both sides of the courtroom

Auto Accident Injuries

Holding insurance companies accountable for your medical bills and damages

Put A Strong Ally On Your Side

I am attorney Matt Andrews, and my legal work comes from a place of passion for people who are at a tough point in their lives. Criminal charges, serious injuries, stressful lawsuits: it is not a good place to be. Luckily, you can have a strong ally on your side through these times.

With experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in court, I have seen firsthand how cases are viewed from both sides and how both parties approach situations. I will use this knowledge to put you in a great position from the very start of your case.

Photo of Matt Andrews

Turn To An Attorney Before All Else

In a distressing situation, it is common to panic and take action without thinking. All too often, people say something after being arrested that works against them, or injury victims tell insurance companies too much and have their words used against them during a claim.

You are not required to speak to everyone who asks you about your case. You have a right to remain silent during an arrest, and it is wise to do so. You have no obligation to tell your insurer every single detail of an accident, only that it occurred and that you are waiting for more information from your doctor about your injuries.

Contact a lawyer as soon as you can. They will guide you on how to handle the next steps of your situation and protect the validity of your case.

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