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What happens if an uninsured driver hurts you or wrecks your car?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Firm News |

People often feel very shaken up after a car crash. They may have a hard time thinking about what steps to take. Memorizing the appropriate way to respond can help you avoid making mistakes or oversights right after a crash that will affect your rights.

Most people know that they should exchange identification and insurance with the other driver. They also know they have to call for police to come out and write up a report if there is any property damage or if someone gets hurt.

It can be hard to know what to do when your circumstances deviate from the standard expectation after a collision. Unexpected situations are inevitable with so many people driving. What should you do if the other driver does not have insurance?

Not having coverage violates Georgia law

Liability insurance is a legal requirement to drive. Some people miss payments because of a mistake and only realize that their coverage has lapsed when they go to pull up their proof of coverage at the scene of a collision. Other people intentionally cancel their policies to save money because they expect that they won’t need to make a claim.

When these individuals cause a car crash, they might try to flee the scene. Taking down the information of the other driver right away and even getting a photograph of their vehicle and license plate could protect you in case they try to flee to avoid responsibility.

Follow the normal steps for a car crash

As with any other collision, a collision involving an uninsured driver requires that you notify the police. You will also need to alert your own insurance company about the upcoming claim. In some cases, you may have uninsured driver protection that will cover you for losses related to the crash.

Other times, you may have to go through the civil courts to receive reimbursement for your losses. Under Georgia’s personal injury laws, you can potentially bring a civil lawsuit against a driver who causes property damage or injury that insurance does not pay you for.

Understanding how to handle a crash caused by an uninsured driver can help you protect yourself from the consequences of someone else’s irresponsible choices.