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How accurate are alcohol breath tests?

Failing a chemical breath test can be a shock to someone who truly believes that they didn't have too much to drink. Impaired driving charges can put someone in jail and/or cost them their driver's license if they get convicted or plead guilty. Despite these risks, a...

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What an illegal stop means for your DUI charges

For a police officer to initiate a DUI traffic stop, they must have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or is in progress. This suspicion is typically based on observed erratic driving, traffic violations or other indicators of impairment. However, if...

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Will you lose your job because of a DUI?

Getting accused of a DUI is serious, especially if you’re working in a career that you want to protect. Sometimes, your employment could be threatened by an arrest or conviction for a DUI, which is why you will want to immediate action to review your options and take...

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